We work with importers and exporters to clear their products through Canada Customs.  Every broker should be able to do that, right?  So, what sets Clearsmith apart?


At Clearsmith, we give excellent and responsive customer support for all your Customs needs.  We’ll share the tools of over 25 years of experience to help keep your products moving on the supply chain. You’re not just an account number serviced by an ambiguous team.  At Clearsmith, you’re a valued customer who deserves personalized prompt reaction  to their concerns, no matter how big or small. Some companies promise service, but we’ll deliver by responding to phone calls or emails within a couple of business hours.  We promise!


We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that when our clients shipments arrive at the first point of entry into Canada, the declaration is ready for customs to review and assess.  A good reputation among freight carriers and local cartage companies is our priority so we work closely with them and treat them as customers too!  If your freight is not properly set up, even if it’s not our fault, we take it as a service failure.


We’ll work hard to ensure accuracy and consistency in assigning Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System to your imported product.  Building a database based upon product part numbers instead of descriptions is our goal.  This provides our customers consistent costing.  Making sure that our customers receive an accurate invoice from Clearsmith in a timely manner is crucial.  We’ll check declarations and let you know if further scrutiny is required, putting our customers in the driver’s seat of their compliance risk management. You won’t need to lose any sleep at night!


Did know that Canada customs can go back four years to review past entries?  Importers are faced with the challenge of self-compliance as prescribed by customs. If you’ve ever been through a customs audit, you know how gruelling it can be.  Problems arise when an audit by Customs ensues and importers are caught with slack declarations.  Often times, succumbing to the temptation of this looseness mean problems during an audit and the end result is penalties and extra costs to the company Clearsmith can help! Sweating the details can help mitigate risk.  Solutions to risk management could involve a full-blown internal audit, focus on problem areas, or attention to top suppliers.  Remember, it’s no longer “if” you will be audited, but “when”.  Preparation is key and we want to make you look good and maybe save you some money in the process!

Customs Brokerage & Compliance: Painless customs clearance

Every day, thousands of shipments arrive at Canadian ports.  Clearsmith is here to help importers clear those shipments through Canada customs (CBSA-Canada Border Services Agency) in a timely manner.

Clarity in customs compliance

Canada customs, or CBSA, targets importers for tariff classification, origin, and valuation infractions through trade compliance verifications. Clearsmith can assist in assessment and promoting compliance.

Help with CBSA Audits & Documentary Reviews

Are you biting your nails through the process? If you’ve been contacted by CBSA for a Trade Verification Audit, you can call us for help.  We’ll walk you through the process.

If you’re wondering if your NAFTA is valid, we can help!  Reviewing import and export documentation from time to time with a fresh set of eyes can avoid costly errors.


From the Four corners of the earth to your front door. Clearsmith has connections within the transport industry to move and store your goods.

Every company has a specific set of transport needs, upon reviewing your needs we will ensure that your shipment is handled in the way you need.No matter what method of transport you require we will walk with you through the process to get the correct arrival time, right cost, and avoid additional issues at the border or in storage.